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Unique home accessories

Are you growing tired of the trends telling you to obtain perfection through soulless minimalism? Strive for beauty in imperfection with stunning asymmetrical shapes, tactile surfaces, and natural designs to restore the balance in your home.


At Muubs you will find unique designs in raw and natural materials that add personality and edge to your home.


You will find everything from furniture such as glass cabinets and sideboards, dining tables, coffee tables, dining chairs, stools, benches and garden furniture to home accessories like jars, storage baskets, mirrors, candlesticks, lanterns, lamps, and textiles. In addition, Muubs has a large selection of kitchen accessories such as stoneware, mouth-blown glass, wooden cutting boards, and wooden plates.

Natural materials


By using natural materials, to make furniture and accessories, such as wood, leather, terracotta, bamboo, lava, sand and riverstone you obtain designs that will bring soul, warmth, and authenticity to the interior.


At Muubs we believe in great craftsmanship, which is why so many of our products are handmade by local and global craftsmen, who take pride in creating every piece with gentle care for each detail.


But it is not only our skilled craftsmen who have an impact on the way our designs turn out. Nature plays a huge part in the final products. In a way, our one-of-a-kind products are custom-made by nature, which is something we value highly in our design aesthetic. The organic shapes and natural quirks create an authentic expression that breathes life into our products.

Personalise your home


Our home and what we surround ourselves with are important for our well-being and our ability to relax. Most of us have a desire to create a unique space for ourselves, personalising the interior and decorating our home with items, we find valuable - sentimental or otherwise.


We at Muubs find, that the best way to create a personal space is to forget all about the trends, and instead allow yourself to be inspired by everything around you that YOU truly love. Instead of focusing on what's hot and trending on the newest interior design blog or in the magazines, use a different approach to shape your room. Focus on creating contrasts in materials, shapes, structures, surfaces, and colour, and look to nature for inspiration as well as to the things around you that exist under the same conditions as you.


Strive for the imperfect, and find beauty in it, because nothing that is real in this world is perfect.

Be inspired

If you want even more inspiration from the Muubs universe and wish to learn more about our love for the natural, imperfect design, then visit our STORIES, where you will find great interior design ideas, articles about how nature influences our interior, stories about how our products come to be, and much more.