In the coming season, we at MUUBS want to inspire you to slow down and enjoy life. It seems to be harder than ever to pause for a moment. But did you know - the ability to slow down is vital for our happiness in life? Therefore, we have created a new and different take on what a slow life could look like in the interior this season. 


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At the webshop, you can as private customer shop MUUBS' products, where every piece has a different story. Create a unique space that oozes authenticity.


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Sculptural storage solutions

Furnish with sculptural storage solutions to add uniqueness and not least character to the room.


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Stoneware in dusty colours

Stoneware has become popular and new variants and colors have now been added to the well-known Ceto collection.


Explore the Ceto stoneware


Furniture with authentic surfaces

We present a new range of lightweight furniture with authentic and unique surfaces designed in casted aluminum. 


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Home accessories with a unique design

Do you dream of giving the home a makeover? Often you does not need much new home accessories to transform the interior of a room. At MUUBS you will find a large selection of unique pieces for the home in raw and natural materials adding personality and an edge to the home.


Look forward to exploring the MUUBS universe where you will find both furniture and accessories with a unique design, each product having its own story.


You will find everything from furniture such as glass cabinets, dining tables, coffee tables, dining chairs, stools, benches and garden furniture to home accessories such as jars, storage baskets, mirrors, candlesticks, lanterns, lamps and textiles. In addition, MUUBS has a large selection of kitchen accessories such as stoneware, mouth-blown glass, wood cutting boards and wooden plates.

Home accessories in natural materials

Accessories and furniture in natural materials such as wood, leather, terracotta, bamboo and lava, sand and river stones add soul and warmth to the room.


Many of the natural home interior products from MUUBS are handmade by local and global craftsmen who take pride in creating authentic home accessories.


Accessories for the home in natural materials have often had nature as an architect. Here on the site you will find unique products for the home, designed by MUUBS, but often either handmade by the craftsman behind or custom-made by nature. Home accessories with organic shapes and natural creases as well as cracks create an authentic expression that gives the home a new life.

Personalized décor with home accessories


We all dream of creating a personal home where others can see who lives in it and not least where we feel home and comfortable.


But how do you actually create a personal interior design with a home interior? Our best tip is to forget about the interior design rules, but instead be inspired by various interior design tips and otherwise follow your own sense of home decor.


When choosing new home accessories for a unique and personal home, a good decor tip is to think of contrasts - it is often in contrast that the magic happens. For example, create contrasts in the interior by combining different materials, shapes, structures, surfaces and color shades.


No people are perfect, and therefore the personal decor must also reflect the imperfect. The Japanese philosophy of 'Wabi-Sabi' is precisely based on a tribute to the imperfect and personal authenticity, which makes the Wabi-Sabi interior design trend a must-have in the interior decoration. Steal the Wabi-Sabi style by decorating with natural products such as wood, stone, water hyacinth and terracotta.


Get inspiration for your home

Looking for inspiration on how to create a unique home with a personality that oozes authenticity? Then you can always take a look at MUUBS 'blog' Stories', where you find both home inspiration and the biggest interior design trends right now.


Under 'Stories' we inspire you how to design a unique home with MUUBS' products, how to find your own personal interior design style and in addition we give you our best interior design tips and ideas.


You can also always explore the MUUBS range either at the retailer or retailer webshop. At the webshop you will find, among other things, unique products such as glass cabinets, storage baskets, terracotta jars, mirrors, chairs, wooden plates and other kitchenware.