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You can by all the different products on our shop and create your own unique spaces inspired by the MUUBS universe and our instinctive love for the beauty and power of Nordic nature.


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Sculptural storage solutions

Furnish with sculptural storage solutions to add uniqueness and character to any room.


Explore the Denver series


Stoneware in dusty colours

New variants and colours have been added to our popular Ceto stoneware collection.  


Explore the Ceto stoneware


Tactile surfaces

We present a new range of lightweight furniture with unique colour play and structured tactile surfaces.


See the Hitch series




We are always searching for beauty in imperfection and have a lot of moments we would love to share with you. Follow us on social media and let us inspire each other.


Home accessories with a unique design

Are you growing tired of the minimalism, rejection of ageing and imperfectionism of recent years? Reach for abstraction with stunning asymmetrical items and uneven surfaces that will bring a harmonious imbalance to your interior living.


At MUUBS you will find a large section of unique pieces in raw and natural materials adding personality and edge to your home. We hope you will look forward to exploring the MUUBS universe where you will find both furniture and accessories;


You will find everything from furniture such as glass cabinets, dining tables, coffee tables, dining chairs, stools, benches and garden furniture to home accessories such as jars, storage baskets, mirrors, candlesticks, lanterns, lamps and textiles. In addition, MUUBS has a large selection of kitchen accessories such as stoneware, mouth-blown glass, wood cutting boards and wooden plates.

Natural materials

When using natural materials in furniture and accessories such as wood, leather, terracotta, bamboo, lava, sand and river stone you bring soul, warmth and authenticity into the interior.



At MUUBS we believe in great craftmanship, which is why a large proportion of our products is handmade by local and global craftsmen, who take pride in creating each piece with a gentle care of each detail.



But it is not only our skilled craftsmen which has an impact on the way, our design turns out. Nature has a huge impact of how the final results will be. In some way it is custom-made by nature, and this in something so important to us and our design aesthetic. The organic shapes and natural creases as well as cracks create an authentic expression that bring life into our products.

Personalize your home


Our home and how we surround ourselves is important for our well-being and our ability to relax and slow down. Naturally, how we choice to decorate our homes has a vast effect on this. Most of us have a desire to create unique spaces, where we personalize the interior and decorate our home with pieces, we find valuable, which has sentimental value to us, or that we in different ways have a deep connection with.



We at MUUBS find, that the best way to create a personal space is to forget all about the trends and tendency of our time, and instead allow yourself to be inspired by everything around you and find the things YOU truly love, and not what’s trending on the newest interior design blog or in the magazines. Instead, use different approaches to the shaping of a room; create contrasts in materials, shapes, structures, surfaces or colour shades; look at nature and search for inspiration in our natural habitat and amongst things that exists under the same conditions as us.



Strive for the imperfect, because nothing in this world is perfect. Instead find the beauty that lies within imperfection.

Be inspired

If you want to be inspired by the MUUBS universe and our love for the natural, imperfect interior designs, then go visit our STORIES, where you will find great interior design ideas, tips and tricks on how to maintain your products, or a list of this season’s biggest trends in the interior design and furniture field