How to make your terracotta kitchen products last?

How to make your terracotta kitchen products last?



The HAZEL pottery from MUUBS can last for many years if the terracotta kitchen products are maintained right. Therefore, you will below find a guide to how to maintain the terracotta producs before, during and after use for cooking or serving. 

Advice for maintenance

1. Wipe your new pottery with cooking oil, both inside and outside, before first time
use - it saturates the pores and makes the pottery tight.


2. Then put the pottery in the oven and turn on to 160°. Let the pottery heat for 30
minutes to burn the oil into the pottery. 


3. Clean the pottery with hot water and dish soap.


Wipe the pottery into cooking oil every time before use, and always make sure to warm and cool the pottery slowly to prevent the pottery breaking. 

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