FC Midtjylland - Europa lounge by ege

FC Midtjylland - Europa lounge by ege


”What we did not dare to dream of, we’ve got” - Ulrik Lindkvist, Sales Manager, FC Midtjylland.


The Danish football club FC Midtjylland wanted to transform their cafeteria into a cosy lounge with soul and warmth, where people could spend many lovely hours together before various football events.   


“In close collaboration with MUUBS, we have got a lounge that surpassed our expectations and what we dared to dream about,” says Ulrik Lindkvist.


In the interior design of the lounge, MUUBS has focused on creating a practical and flexible interior design solution, where it is possible to hold larger various events with up to 160 people. 


“Our events often consist of several different and smaller assemblies, and therefore it was important to us with an interior design solution that could be adapted to our different events. That is why we are really happy with the removable café tables, chairs and partitions that create a room-in-room solution,” says Ulrik Lindkvist.   


The design team of MUUBS has had a great focus on how to create an experience as well as a sense of warmth and presence, when people enter the room.


Therefore, the design team chose to create a lounge that embraces cosiness with a twist of rawness and masculinity by combining the materials iron and recycled rubber with poplar and oak wood. In the interior design of the lounge, it has also been important to create a wow-effect which, among other things, is expressed with the champaign table.   


Ulrik Lindkvist finally says, “MUUBS’ design team has managed to create a beautiful balance between the raw and warmth, which brings life to our new lounge. After the opening we have only received positive reactions, and we are looking forward to hold even more events in our new Europa lounge by ege.”


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