Decostore by Zorzos Co


32 years ago, Antonis Zorzos opened a wonderful little gem on the island of Santorini. “Santorini in one place” is exactly what characterizes the place called Decostore, where both private and business can get help to do their interior design.



One of the most important goals for Decostore is to give their costumers the chance to feel the experience of living on Santorini – therefore the Greek country style is the main element of the décor both inside and outside on the place. Is has been important for Decostore to develop itself with time, therefore they have recently undergone a renovation of the place which includes both warehouse, workshop and showroom. 



In the renovation, they chose that the Greek landscape once again should form the framework of the exterior of the building and be reflected through the traditional white facade.



An important thing for Decostore is that costumers gets a homely and warm feeling when entering the showroom. To create that feeling Decostore has been using various elements in wood and natural colors, which adds a warm contrast to the white walls. This really aligns with MUUBS DNA and style - Therefore they chose MUUBS as one of their suppliers. 


“We have chosen MUUBS as a supplier because they design and produce furniture and other decorative products in good quality and unique style. We believe that the materials MUUBS uses, matches our own style very well and are suitable for the needs of our customers. For example, is the Luna jar in black and grey, something that really reflects Santorini’s style.” 


The collaboration between MUUBS and Decostore creates together a beautiful synergy when the bright style of Santorini meets the raw and rustic from MUUBS. The combination ends in a perfect and inspiring result. 


”MUUBS’ products are very fashionable, well-constructed, and has a unique design. They fit perfect both in a domestic or in a professional environment and add natural elegance to every room they are placed in. The simple lines together with the earth colors make one place look quiet, bigger, warm and sophisticated, which works as a great contrast to our bright showroom”. 






Architects: Maria Sfyraki & Associates, Photography: Antonis Eleftherakis, Styling: Rena Gantzaki & Maria Sfyraki, Graphic Design: Design Matters 


Products from the showroom


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