Tips for use

Use e.g Dacarr products for: 


  • Storage
  • Firewood basket
  • Shoes
  • Magazines
  • Toys
  • Flowers and plants
  • Herbs


Clean with soap and water.

The material

DACARR BY MUUBS is handmade from upcycled rubber from car tires. Instead of being scrapped, burned or melted, the car tires are peeled and cut by hand, then sewn together.


After the process, stylish and delicious DACARR BY MUUBS products are created, where each product has an exciting background story that has taken place on the roads possibly in Europe or Asia.


Upcycling has a positive effect on the environment, as it is based on adding value to one thing that would otherwise be defined as garbage. This allows for the creation of new products that also protect the environment.


  • The jars are for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Frost resistant


  • The jars are not waterproof (in the bottom).


  • For indoor use we recommend to plant in another container (e.g. plastic) and place the container in the Dacarr jar.



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