5 ideas to dishes you can make in pottery kitchen products

5 ideas to dishes you can make in pottery kitchen products


Kitchen products made of terracotta have many applications and advantages in relation to cooking.

Below you will find 5 ideas for, which dishes you can make in terracotta kitchen products. 


The Hazel series is food safe and therefore the pottery can be used:


1. In the oven for baking and cooking dishes such as lasagne.


2. On the grill to cook tasty wok dishes, pies etc.


3. Over bonfire for cooked dishes. Recommendation: Do no place the pottery 

directly in the glows, but on a grid above the fire.


4. On a gas stove, among other things, for cookery slow cooked dishes.


5. For serving hot dishes. Terracotta has the ability to keep the food warm if the 

pottery is heated in the oven before use.


Enjoy cooking in the handmade kitchen pottery from MUUBS.  

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