Why cook your food in terracotta kitchen products?

Why cook your food in terracotta kitchen products?



Nicolas Vahé tells

We have asked the French chef Nicolas Vahé why he recommends to prepare food in terracotta kitchenware. 


"If you ask me, I would recommed cooking, stews, baking bread and much more in kitchen pottery, as there are many benefits of cooking in terracotta products. See the benefits below."






Advantages of cooking food in pottery

Careful cooking

Pottery is a porous material that soaks water and continuously releases it again during cooking. This ensures a careful cooking, where the food does not dry out and burns.

Full of taste

    Pottery is one of the materials that retain heat best under cooking. The high temperatures add a lot of flavor to the food and spoil your taste buds. 



Terracotta favorites for cooking 

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