Rugs made of reused fishing net

Rugs made of reused fishing net




Fishing nets are a major cause of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and naturally are a great threat to the world’s ecosystem and our health. In fact, it is estimated, that fishing nets account for 46% of all plastic in the ocean. If fishing nets are left in nature it drifts around setting a permanent mark by its mere presence. Nature suffers as well as us.


At Muubs, we dream of a more sustainable world, which is why we, with a deep devotion to the health of our planet, have created carpets made from discarded and regenerated fishing nets.




Muubs have in collaboration with Egetæpper created a series of carpets made of nylon yarn produces by used fishing nets found drifting around the earth’s oceans. The collection consists of five carpets, each with a unique design. The Surface and Earth designs are available exclusively at Muubs. They are inspired by the layers of life and Earth, just as our popular Luna Vases.


At Muubs, we want to be able to offer different options to our customer. This allows them to take part in our vision of a better world where we together fight to minimize the environmental footprint of plastic pollution and waste. We do this with unique high-end design produced from reused, upcycled and sustainable material, showing how waste can become valuable and beautiful interior design.   






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