1. Wabi-Sabi


    Not to be confused with the spicy Japanese sauce we know and love, wabi-sabi is the Japanese philosophy that celebrates imperfection. The New Hygge We at Muubs are highly influenced and inspired by the Japanese aesthetic. In...

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  2. In & Out

    In & Out

        Close the distance Allow the borders between home and nature to blend together. We yearn for sustainable solutions that allow us to live a happy life without hurting the world around us. We need nature and...

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  3. Sculptural interior

    Sculptural interior

        Contemporary artists frequently incorporate entire rooms in their works. A sculpture isn't just a sculpture anymore, but it envelops the room in light, shadow or interactive elements.   ...

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  4. Build your own storage

    Build your own storage

        The multiple options of the Blocks bookcase provide countless flexible storage solutions.   Use it as a wall or floor unit or stack a few. It is stunning either as a single unit or combined with...

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