3 tips to create a personal kitchen

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3 tips to create a personal kitchen



Tip 1: Show your favorite kitchen products

A personal kitchen must show who you are - and what better shows who you are than collecting your favorite kitchen products in a corner of the kitchen tabletop? Create a still life by collecting the kitchen products you use in everyday life in a beautiful little display.


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Tip 2: Furnish with a glass cabinet

Why hide away all your favorite kitchen products when you can display them beautifully in a display cabinet handmade in a combination of iron and glass. Fill the glass cabinet with plates, glasses, pitchers or maybe other decoration items, and show your personality through small displays in the cabinet.


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Tip 3: Hang up a coat rack

A teak coat rack in the kitchen creates a personal expression. On the kitchen rack you can for example hang on your apron, pot holders and the cutting boards you use almost everyday. The rack creates a different and authentic decor in the kitchen. 


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