Find the right coffee table for your living room

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Find the right coffee table for your living room


Square or round? Big or small? Low or high? A combination of different coffee tables?
The opportunities are many when you are to find your new coffee table. Therefore, we have made a guide with some of the advantages of the different coffee tables.

Natural shaped coffee tables

When choosing a coffee table handmade from a natural material such as teak root, you are sure to add a timeless and completely unique expression to the living room.


The tables are designed with focus on originality, and all coffee tables are defined by the forces of nature. This means no one else has a coffee table like yours - this is authenticity.



Round coffee tables

A round coffee table has several advantages. A round table gives more space in the room compared to a more edgy coffee table, as the round shape makes the living room appear bigger.


Round tables bring depth to the home decor and occupy a minimum of floor space. The round coffee table is perfect in combination with a sofa with chaise longue.



Coffee tables in different heights

To furnish with tables in different heights provide flexibility to your home decor. Move the tables around and place them where you currently need them.


Create a stylish look, by pushing the tables together, and let the tables overlap, or use one table as a side table and the other as a coffee table - the possibilities are many.


Combination of coffee tables

Give the living room a personal touch by combining different coffee tables. Select 3 tables you can't do without and put them together.


A combination of coffee tables in teak, stone and iron add a modern, personal and rebellious touch to the living room - it is in the contrast the magic happens.



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