Set a contrasting and unique table

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Set a contrasting and unique table


3 tips to the contrasting table setting

The company and the food are some of the things setting the scene for a memorable evening, but a unique table setting also helps create memorable moments.


At MUUBS we love a table covering where you play with the contrasts – because it is in the contrast the magic happens.  


1. Play with the materials

Combining plates, glas and bowls in different materials creates a contrasting table setting where synergy arises, and the beauty of the individual products are emphasized.


Set e.g. the table with the Ceto stoneware plates and bowls, teak or acacia wood plates and mouth blown glass with ribbed surfaces, and see the magic happen.





2. Select a color theme

When the contrasting table setting is to be covered, a good idea is to set the table with earthy colors, and let the contrasts be expressed in the materials.   
Do not be afraid to combine the Ceto stoneware in different colors such as black, sand and mustard - as long as the table setting is kept in the same shades it gives peace of mind.


A tip for creating an even more contrasting and personal table setting is that each person around the table has different table setting arrangements.



3. Set the table with a cloth and napkins

Add a soft and personal look to the table setting by covering the table with a cloth and napkins in linen.


The advantage of linen textiles for the table setting is - you do not necessarily have to iron it. A trend is exactly a 'curly look', and it just gives a more relaxed expression.


Pssst, if you still think the tablecloth is a bit too curly, you can advantageously hang the cloth unfolded over a drying rack and spray some water on the cloth with a water atomizer. This trick makes the tablecloth smooth out. 



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