The champaign table - 4 ways to use the zinc tray

The champaign table - 4 ways to use the zinc tray


The champaign table

The champaign table from MUUBS is an authentic and beautiful piece of furniture. The table has a natural shape that reflects the natural growth of the poplar tree.


This means each table is unique, as the table top is defined by the forces of nature. The dining table is created in a combination of the love for natural materials and craftsmanship.


The classic MUUBS champaign table is designed with the iconic ice tray in the middle of the table, making the table in poplar wood the perfect table for gathering family and friends to create memories in good company.

Dressed up for no occasion

We want to inspire you to - how you can use the zinc tray in the table and how you can dress the champaign table down for everyday life, and use it for other than festive occasions. We will here provide 4 ways to use the unique table.


Set a brunch table

The poplar table is the perfect gathering point for a delicious brunch.


Fill the zinc tray with ice cubes and use it for juice and smoothie to keep the drinks cold for many hours. This will make it possible for everybody to stay at the table and enjoy the good company.



Decorate with plants

In everyday life, the tray can be used for plants.


Put cactuses and succulents in the zinc tray, and make it look like the plants are growing up from the table and are becomeing a contrast to the beautiful and bright poplar wood.



Decorate with candles and pine cones

The tray of the table is perfect for decorations. Create a cosy atmosphere by putting candlelights in it with pine cones around.


The tray is also perfect for putting vases in decorated with branches or flowers. This creates a completely different expression of the table and creates a natural place for it in everyday life.



Chilling champaign

When a special occasion or party arises, the popular table can be used as a champaign table.


Use the zinc tray to chill the champaign with ice cubes and let the table become the centrepiece of a festive evening.


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