Create your own spring decorated bowl

Create your own spring decorated bowl


At MUUBS we have invited Zuzana Kaščáková to write a guest blogpost about how to create your own beautiful spring decoration. Enjoy.  

Decorating with flowers

One of my most favorite home accessories are teak root and river stone bowls from MUUBS, which are not only indestructible but above all uniquely beautiful. In addition, they can be used in almost infinite ways of applications. 


I have been using the teak root bowls most recently as the basis for live decorating with flowers and today I will try to show you step by step how you can create your own spring decoration. 

What do you need before you start making a spring decoration?

Think about the colors you want to decorate with and choose your flowers accordingly. It is ideal to use a combination of a maximum of two colors or to use tone in tone form.


Depening on the size of the teak bowl it is good to choose a number of flowers. One can be bigger and thus dominate the whole decoration.


You also need scissors, wrapping foil for underlay, moss, soil and enough of a good mood and creativity.

A step by step guide to the spring decoration 

1. Cover with foil

The bottom of the prepared bowl is covered with foil. It is definitely not necessary to cut the foil exactly to the desired shape because it can be nicely adjusted due to its nature.

2. Plant the flowers

Once we have the underlay foil ready we can go to the planting. I recommend, and it is ideal to start with a flower that is supposed to dominate the whole decoration.


3. Adapt the roots

Do not be afraid to adapt the root pack to the desired shape. Place the flowers sensationally. Do not hesitate to combine more plant types. Fix plants properly and carefully.

4. Cover with moss

Once you have a bowl filled, cover the top of the soil with moss. The moss is absolutely ideal - it looks beautiful and keeps the plants in the right moisture. However, bark or decorative stones can be used instead of moss.

5. A themed spring decoration

If you want to have more themed spring decoration, you can fine-tune it with blown eggs. I think I'm ready for Easter.

What does spring means to me?

For me, spring is the most beautiful season, a symbol of new hope, new beginnings, purification of home, body and soul. And creating of spring decorations with the help of flowers is literally a balm for the soul. In addition, the decorations are in compliance with natural-material bowls and furthermore the flowers scent the whole home.

The extra bonus is that my son Bertik also enjoys planting, which gives him space for his own creativity and we enjoy the time spent together.


And what about you? Will you try it? Share your photos of your spring decoration by useing the #muubs on Instagram. I wish you spring beautiful days.

Best greetings

Zuzana Kaščáková 

Interior stylist & Creative director at Iconioo

Find her on Instagram here.


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