6 decorative and clever storage solutions

6 decorative and clever storage solutions

Do you also know about the eternal search for storage solutions? You can never get too much storage space, whether it is in the hall, the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the children's room or in the office. But have you ever thought that there are two general storage options? The two options are open and closed storage - you can either choose to hide away items or you can display them. We have collected 6 ideas for decorative and smart storage, where you both have the opportunity to hide away and display.

1 / Hand-braided baskets

Storage baskets are perfect for storing in all rooms of the house. The hand-braided baskets can be used for storing carpets, magazines, candles, hobby articles and children's toys - the possibilities are many.


One of the advantages of wicker baskets is - they are both available with and without a lid, which also allows you to hide away the mess. For example, place the baskets in a glass cabinet and create a combination of the two storage options 'to hide away' and 'to display'.


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2 / Lid jars

Jars in different sizes are perfect for storing jewelery as well as other small items, and some are even suitable for storing onions and potatoes.


For storing onions and potatoes, the Hazel jars can be particularly emphasized, as the terracotta jars with lids keep onions and potatoes dry and cool. Simply place the jars on the countertop and let them decorate and be functional at the same time.


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3 / Dressers with drawers

Occasionally, we need to hide away things to create a more calm expression. Therefore, a small chest with drawers is a must have in the decor.


An iron chest is good for storing mittens and hats in the hallway, as well as mobile chargers, glasses and lip balm beside the bed. Therefore, the dresser will also work well as a bedside table.


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4 / Open decoration shelves

If there is something that brings personality into the interior design, then it is open shelves. Small and open decorative shelves add an airy and homely expression.


Decorate eg. with decorative brass shelves in the entrance under a round mirror, and decorate with your favorite ornaments and a basket for your keys. Open shelves are also ideal as bedside table.


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5 / Magazine holders

A magazine holder is indispensable in the living room. Choose eg. an open magazine holder as it will add personality and soul to the room.


Magazine holders are perfect for storing everything from magazines, newspapers, recipe books, coffee tables books or perhaps your vinyl records - limits only by imagination.


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6 / Decoration ladders

Ladders in the home decor are a different and decorative storage solution. Decorate eg. with decorative ladders in iron, teak or bamboo in the bathroom or in the bedroom.

Use both the ladder to hang on your towels, for hanging baskets with cotton swabs and cotton pads and decorate with a pendant lamp and hanging plants to create cosiness.


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