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Close the distance

Allow the borders between home and nature to blend together. We yearn for sustainable solutions that allow us to live a happy life without hurting the world around us. We need nature and must protect it as much as we can.





Forest bathing

A calm walk in the woods or along the beach has a positive effect on our mental and physical health. Studies show the effect nature has on the human brain and nervous system, and a clear connection has been established between our well-being and the time we spend in nature; we have fewer negative thoughts, we recharge energy and capacity and even reduce the risk or e.g. diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


A popular type of therapy from Japan called Forest Bathing is about diving into nature and the sensory input we experience, by spending time in nature. The tradition is related to meditation and mindfulness and is about simply being in nature, no exercise, hiking or biking needed. Shinrin-yoku, the Japanese name of the popular nature-therapy, wants us to return to nature to find peace and happiness.


Research on the subject shows that trips in nature affects the brain and has a positive effect when it comes to negative thoughts, worries, and frustrations. It has long been common knowledge that spending time in nature has a beneficial effect on us as people, and doctors and psychologists even prescribe nature experiences to people with depression and anxiety.






Sustainable and enduring


Our life on Earth generates an enormous amount of waste. Too many products have a short lifecycle and quickly end on a trash dump polluting the air when destroyed – or just as bad; gets dumped in the forests or the ocean.


If we can extend the life of products by making waste worthy again, we can give nature a breather – if only just a little. The Dacarr by Muubs collection is handmade from recycled car tires or bike tubes. Items that have lived their life with one purpose now gains a completely different role in our lives.


The barrels, buckets, and cachepots can all be placed inside or outdoor all year round as the flexible tire material is resistant to frost damage. The storage products are durable and will last a very long time, easy to clean and has a positive impact on the environment. Besides that, they can even serve as the world’s most stylish trash bin!


As long as the world can find ways to repurpose materials that will otherwise be thrown away, we are doing nature a favour. Allowing us to benefit from all the positive that nature has to give us for a long time still.






Indoor // Outdoor

Multipurpose materials and items ensure a longer lifecycle and lesser waste generated. More often than not, the trend is to focus on making furniture either for the home or for the garden, to increase consumption, while in reality what we need is furniture that works for both scenarios. When an item has several purposes, chances are that it will live for a very long time. Adding high-quality materials to that, the item will age with beauty.

Strong durable materials, which either age with grace or doesn’t falter are ideal for both inside and outside use.






A beautiful Nordic expression

North and Rush are versatile and practical furniture pieces which aren’t affected by the roughness of nature, and with refinement, in visual and tactile details beauty and function coalesce.


With clean lines and subtle details, Rush and North have a modest and light design expression but is made from strong and durable materials, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The smooth surface is easy to clean and does not alter as time passes.






North: Signature legs made from recycled teak

Teak wood contains a high level of oil, that works as natural protection from dirt. The wood will only become more beautiful as time passes, ideal in creating cosy spaces both indoor and outdoor.






Made by Nature

Always guided by an instinctive love for the power of nature and the beautiful, enduring materials obtained from it, the Dakota chair in solid teak was born.





// Dakota



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