Kanji sizes

The large Kanji jars are suitable for flowers and herbs in the garden, but can advantageously also be planted with small trees, to make 'small rooms' on the terrace.


The small flowerpots/jars are not frost-proof and must be taken inside during the winter months.


No maintenance.

The material

  • The Kanji jars are made of cement. 


  • Frost-proof down to -18 degrees. Note this applies only to the sizes: 22, 35, 50 cm. 11.5 and 12.5 cm are not frost-proof.


  • Can be used outdoors and inside (by indoor use the jar must be placed on a surface that tolerates water).


  • The color of the surface may vary.


The small jars can be used on the garden table for decoration and for flowers when the garden is filled with guests a summer evening.


Note that they are not food-safe.



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