The name of the jar

LUNA means "moon" in Latin, and it is precisely the rustic surface of the moon, the tactile surface of the LUNA vases is inspired by.


Imagine a cloudless evening sky where the moon shines brightly and you can see the fine moon craters. Then take a look at the surface of the Luna vase and let the mind fly towards the raw and unpolished lunar landscape.


No maintenance.


TIP / In case a small piece of jar is beaten, it can be repaired by dipping with paint of the same color as the jar.

The material

All vases are handmade in terracotta and have a unique shape and surface depending on the craftsman behind. Creating a LUNA vase requires a special craftsmanship.


The paint is applied and a coating is alternately dipped and gently burned by hand with a gas flame. The craftsman now stands with the final unique LUNA vase with a moon-like surface.


  • The jar is not waterproof.


  • We recommend not planting directly in the jar.


  • The jar is for indoor use.


  • All jars have unique surfaces and color shades



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