Before use

Before the table is sent from MUUBS, it is treated 3 times with a strong laquer.


This makes the surface extra repellent to dirt and highlights the beautiful veins of the tree.


In the tabletop there may be inserted "butterflyes", which give a unique expression, and at the same time locks on starting and natural cracks.


Clean the table with a lint-free cloth after use. If a larger amount of liquid is spilled on the table, it will be preferable to dry the table immediately.


Regularly maintenance:


1. Dissolve soft soap in hot water into a thick pulp.
2. Apply the mixture to the table in a thick layer with a clean cloth or sponge.
3. Leave the mixture on the table for 30 minutes so that the table can soak up the soap.
4. Wipe the table with a wrung cloth.

The material

The MANO tables from MUUBS are made of solid wood, also known as rain wood. The trunk can be up to 4 meters in diameter, and the tree crown up to 25 meters - hence the name rain tree (one can seek shelter from the rain here).


Each individual suar plank is defined by nature, and all MANO tables are therefore unique and each have their own product number, which is possible to see here on the MUUBS website.


Under the individual item numbers is a picture of the unique untreated suar plank, which is made for a finished MANO table at MUUBS 'head office in Denmark, when customer orders have been made.


The MANO tables from MUUBS all have a solid tabletop with a thickness of 8 - 12 cm.

Other / Facts about Mano

  • Approved wood species. Suar wood is not a threatened species of wood.


  • The worktops are made of one piece of solid suar wood.


  • Lengths from 220 to 800 cm.


  • Widths from 80 - 129 cm.


  • The table top thickness is between 8 to 12 cm.


  • Each table has a unique expression.



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