How to maintain the MANO table?

How to maintain the MANO table?



The MANO table is made of one solid Suar plank. Before delivery the Suar table is treated 3 times with a matt lacquer, which not only makes the table easy to maintain, but also emphasizes the beautiful vines of the tree.

Daily maintenance

Use a damp cloth and immediately wipe the table when spilled. Never use strong soap or cleaning products on the table as it can dissolve and remove the protective treatment the table has got.  ​​

Ongoing maintenance

To maintain the MANO table, you can continuously treat the table with soap flakes.


• Dissolve the soap flakes in hot water and whisk it together into a thick mass.


• Apply the mixture to a thick layer with a clean cloth or sponge.


• Let the table soak up the soap dish mix for approx. 30 min.


• Wipe the table with a wrinkled cloth.


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