Candle ball  Aion

Candle ball Aion

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Aion Candle Ball gives you a candlestick and a decorative bonbonniere in one decorative accessory. Split the round ball in two and use the bottom for block candles or tealights of max. Ø 6.5 cm, while the upper half of the ball is designed as a small bowl that can be used for decoration or e.g. wrapped caramels.

Open the Aion Candle Ball and reveal what secrets are hidden within the sculptural sphere.

Aion is made from cast iron with a surface colored like antique brass. The raw look is a good contrast in the bright interior or as a complement to other iron interior.

Aion Candle Ball come in a gift box. Aion is not a foodsafe.
Dimensions H: 8,5 Ø: 9
Material Cast iron
Colour Antique Brass
Outdoor use No