Before use

We recommand to oil the table with Guardian oil and follow their oiling instructions before use.

Note that it is important to oil the table on both sides for the first time (to saturate the table and avoid the table top curve).


The table has been oiled once during production, but it is not enough to saturate the surface optimally.


*Smoked oak / For the dark tabletop we recommend black oil from Guardian. Note that the oil will darken the table. Contamination may occur.


Daily maintenance / Wipe the table with a lint-free cloth and wipe it off immediately after spilling large amounts of liquid.
Never use strong soap/cleaning products, as this will dissolve and remove the protective oil from the surface.


General maintenance / The protection of the oil falls continuously and therefore it is recommended to oil the table several times a year. We recommend to oil the table 3-4 times a year or as needed. The first six months after purchase, it is recommended to treat the table with oil once a month.

The material

Solid oak is a living material. Variations in humidity, temperature differences and heat from stoves can cause the worktop to become hard and slightly curved.

During the summer months the tree expands and can bend slightly. In the winter, the tree pulls together and 'falls back into place'. This is quite normal for wooden worktops.


There may be small cracks in the surface - they have no meaning. With the right care and maintenance, the above changes will be minimized.


Due to a natural content of tannic acid in the wood, lighter markings on the tabletop can occur.

Note that all countertops are unique and vary in appearance in the surface.


Legs in powder coated iron.


Extension leaves can be purchased for all Space dining tables.


The table includes a guide on how to clean and maintain the table.



You will find the full range of Space tables and extension leaves HERE