Style types

Wabi-Sabi / Beauty in imperfection

It’s all about that effortless, lived-in look. Natural textures like linen, stone, wood and clay in muted colours, organic designs and shapes.


Wabi-sabi is all about embracing imperfections and personal authenticity, making the wabi-sabi design trend a must-have in interiors.


With wabi-sabi, simplicity is key. Allow pieces of art space to shine on their own. Bring an element of nature into the room. Choose accessories with a functional purpose. Honour the beauty in existing imperfections.


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Nordic Rebel / Raw and unpolished

Nordic Rebel is the new light in Nordic living. 


Natural elements are still heavily utilised, with darker, earthy colours and surfaces with the aim of appearing raw and unpolished to accommodate the structure of the materials such as ceramics, lava, stone, suede and leather in combination with iron, dark wood and concrete.


Nordic Rebel has a quiet, understated aesthetic. Innovative, yet continuing Scandinavian traditions. Functional, honest and produced according to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.


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