The craftsmanship

Handmade products

At MUUBS, we work together with local and global craftsmen around the world who takes pride in creating handmade and authentic products for the home.


The craftsmen are proud of their unique craftsmanship, which over the years pass from generation to generation. 


Custom-made by nature

Working with natural materials means that nature is often our architect. Therefore, the products are designed by MUUBS, by custom-made by nature. 


This creates some orginal, timeless and completely unique furniture and interior products, where nature´s forces are expressed. 


Unique stories

With the help from craftsmen and nature´s forces, MUUBS creates products for the home that embrace the craft, oozes authenticity and each piece has its own story:


From handmade cutting boards with natural veins and with charming, vibrant shapes and imperfections to rustic wooden kitchenware with natural and beautiful uperfections.



A small exclusive look behind the skilled craftsmen's work.


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