The Mano table



Danish Craftmanship

Join us on the journey of the Mano table from a raw suar plank to a unique piece of furniture, where every dining table has a different story.

Let's introduce the table "Mano" - A custom-made and unique dining table solution with remarkable durability and strength. The asymmetrical and natural shape reflects the natural growth of the tree, making each of the live-edge plank tables unique.





Unique Mano planks

Choose your very own Mano plank, and become a part of the journey from shape to finished Mano Table by choosing the unique shape and details of your table.


Find your Mano Table





Live edge

A statement piece made from handpicked, raw suar wood slabs, the Mano table is completely unique and draws both the eye and the hand of those in its presence.


The salvaged trees, brought to life in beautiful live-edge furniture, make the Mano plank table a custom-made table unlike any you have ever seen. 







The technique

At our headquarters in Herning, Denmark, the raw suar planks are sanded. The surface is treated by our talented workers to create a beautiful, uniform surface. Any natural cracks are repaired with butterflies, which is an old crafting technique that prevents 
cracks from expanding.





Suar Surface

The matt lacquer, with which every tabletop is treated three times, highlights the beautiful grain of the tree and makes it easy to maintain. The table ranges from 2 to 8 meters!