Danish Craftmanship

Join us on the journey of the Mano table from a raw suar plank to a unique piece of furniture, where every dining table has a different story.


Let's introduce the table "Mano" - A custommade and unique dining table solution with a remarkable durability and strength. The asymmetrical and natural shape reflects the natural growth of the tree, making each table unique.


At our factory in Herning, Denmark, the raw suar planks are cut to the right length, after which the surface is sanded by hand at all joints and edges to create a uniform surface. Any natural cracks are repaired with butterflyes, which is an old craft technique that locks the cracks as they are not enlarged.


The final finish is given by treating the Suar table 3 times with a strong matt lacquer, which not only makes the table easy to maintain, but also highlights the beautiful vines of the tree.




Unique Mano planks

Choose your very own Mano plank, which will take its shape through the journey to a finished Mano Table for your home, office, conference room etc.


The matt lacquer, which every tabletop is treated with three times, highlights the beautiful grain of the tree and makes it easy to maintain. The table ranges from 220-720 cm.


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