Vahé X MUUBS - New Nordic Kitchen Table Books

Vahé X MUUBS - New Nordic Kitchen Table Books


About the Vahé X MUUBS cooperation

The idea of a collaboration between MUUBS and Nicolas Vahé emerged from a wish Nicolas Vahé had to make some visual good-looking books, that besides being used as a cookbook in the kitchen, also could be used for home decoration. It was an idea that was welcomed by MUUBS and the cooperation arose.


Nicolas Vahé’s wish for the visual appearance of the books was a Nordic, raw and elegant expression.


Therefore, MUUBS immediately felt to Vahé’s mind, as the products matched this to perfection. MUUBS' products are carefully designed and selected to be durable quality products for the home with soul and edge – and can you serve your favourite dishes more beautiful than in a stoneware bowl, on a terracotta dish or on a wood cutting board?  


From MUUBS’ and Nicolas Vahé's perspective there was no doubt - the match was perfect.



Who is Nicolas Vahé?

Nicolas Vahé is French, he is educated chef, chocolate and confectioner - and in 2000 his skills brought him to Denmark when he got a job at Falsled Kro at Sydfyn, Denmark. After a couple of years, he went to the restaurant Fakkelgården in Kruså, until he decided to invest in the sale of gourmet specialties in 2006.


After 14 years as a director of his own company and an product range of over 350 gourmet products, it's time to take it back to the simple - delicious and easy food.


Delicious food does not have to be complicated - and together with Vahé we will open your eyes and taste buds to how classic ingredients can give you a whole new taste experience.



Nordic Kitchen Table Books


The series consists of 3 cookbooks, each focusing on one particular type of food, soups, salads and quiche (pies). Each book contains 30 recipes and a lot of beautiful images, where the food is beautifully served in MUUBS products. Nicolas Vahé's goal with the books is to open our eyes to the fact that good food does not have to be complicated. His style is French, but with a Nordic twist, for as Nicolas Vahé points out, "it is in the contrast the magic happens"


The cookbooks are available in Danish and Norwegian.


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