8 quirky facts about the Vahé X MUUBS cookbooks

8 quirky facts about the Vahé X MUUBS cookbooks


MUUBS has in collaboration with the Frenchman and chef Nicolas Vahé created a series of 3 Kitchen Table Books: Soup, Salat and Quiche.

Below we have gathered 8 quirky facts about the cookbooks series.


1. The cookbook series consists of the 3 recipe books: Soup, Salat and Quiche, which is published

in Danish and Norwegian.


2. Each cookbook contains 30 tasty and simple recipes, all of which can be cooked in less than 1 hour.


3. The books open your eyes and taste buds for, how the right composition of classic ingredients from your local supermarket

can give you a whole new taste experience.


4. The cookbooks are perfect both as a handbook and for decoration in the kitchen – hereby the term Kitchen Table Book. 


5. Frenchman and chef Nicolas Vahé have written all the recipes, among other things, inspired by his grandmother.

“She cooked amazing food with few and simple ingredients”, says Nicolas Vahé.


6. The Soup, Salad and Quiche recipes are all taste tested by Nicolas' son Enzo.


7. All recipes are named with inspiration from, how we describe a recipe in daily talk - a few examples are

"The Spinach and Chicken" and "The Carrot and Bacon".


8. Nicolas Vahé states, "We eat with all the senses, and therefore all recipes in the cookbooks

are served in MUUBS' products."


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