Advantages of polyamide

  • Easy to clean


  • Durable


  • The structure is constantly changing after light and use - a nice detail that makes the carpets completely unique.


Daily cleaning by vacuum cleaner.


1. Remove dirt by dipping with a dry cloth or paper towel without color.
2. Use warm water to dip the area and then soak up the liquid as much as possible with a dry cloth.
3. If water cannot remove it, proceed with universal stain remover.
4. If none of the above steps help, it requires special treatment.


NB! Always work the stain from the outer edge towards the center and never use chlorine-containing products, as there is a risk of bleaching.

The material

The color of the carpet is carefully selected to suit MUUBS other products in teak, leather, iron, stoneware, etc.


The carpet material is polyamide (nylon), which is a very durable material that has a good recovery capacity.


The carpets are:

  • Antistatic, which prevents static electricity build-up.
  • Anti-mud treated, which makes the carpets easier to maintain.


The good quality carpets are available in several colors. They are made in collaboration with Egetæpper, Denmark.


The YUKON rugs and their characteristic shape give a wonderful change to the room they are in.




You will find the selection of YUKON rugs HERE